Metaverse for Business

A live course on the fundamentals of business in the metaverse. In <2 weeks, you'll:

  • Demystify the metaverse.

  • Unearth real opportunity for your brand.

  • Launch a powerful presence.

  • Elevate employee & customer engagement.

The developing metaverse is begging for real problems to solve. Let's find your sweet spot.

Through the lens of your business goals, challenges or brand objectives, we'll unearth ideas in the metaverse space that aim to solve real problems. The best part? We do it live from the metaverse itself.

You'll get a crash-course in all things metaverse for business, live from within the metaverse.

We'll start with assessing applications across industries. We'll visit business-friendly virtual spaces together to explore next-generation digital experiences. You'll learn about winning opportunities across industries by unpacking examples together. You'll enjoy experiencing all this first-hand in the metaverse with likeminded folks.

82% of businesses have firm eyes on the metaverse

PWC says of 1000 US executives that 66% report their companies are actively engaged in the metaverse and that 82% of them expect metaverse plans to be part of their business within 3 years.

Live immersion to get your business metaverse ready:

Live course on Maven

Live course on Maven
  • Onboarding with a metaverse for business 101

  • Gain first-hand experience in virtual spaces

  • Analyze industry & business use case with deep dives

  • Implement strategies & tactics for metaverse planning

  • Build a metaverse headquarters for your brand

  • Receive an NFT graduation badge

A live course on the fundamentals of business in the metaverse.

Meet your instructor

Computer - Intro session

John Duffield drives innovation at the intersection of technology and creative experience for digitally ambitious brands. A 3x founder and agency leader he has a strong track record in linking many of the worlds biggest brands with unique and engaging digital experiences. John’s focus is on web3 & innovation strategy for Fortune 100 brands.

You can’t learn the metaverse.
You have to experience it.

The possibilities really start to 'click' when you live it first-hand. Get ready to 'feel' the future of business alongside likeminded professionals. Be inspired to tackle your key business challenges from a completely new perspective. You'll walk away with a clear & viable approach for your brand.

For brand leaders, strategists, creatives & business owners

Frustrated with a lack of familiarity with metaverse potential?
Concerned about being left behind as real trends are developing?
Want to be upskilled to understand the unique future opportunities?
Excited to explore new digital experiences for your business & clients?

This hands-on live course will help prepare your brand with actionable steps to: future-proof marketing roadmaps, reach & engage new customers, supercharge distributed teams

<$120 Billion spent on metaverse in 1st half of 2022

McKinsey reports in the first half of 2022, <$120 billion has been invested in building out metaverse technology & infrastructure. More than double the $57 billion invested in all of 2021. These signals cannot be ignored.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • How to capture value across a range of business-related applications

  • How to upskill yourself and your teams

  • New capabilities & markets the metaverse opens

  • How to be free from constraints & barriers of business in the physical world

  • How the metaverse could change your relationship with employees & customers

Course outline

1: Metaverse for Business Intro

  • Metaverse for business overview & proof points (Zoom)

  • Virtual spaces overview

  • Meet & orientation at Metaverse for Business HQ (in Spatial)

2: Industry Deep-dive

  • Metaverse tour 1: visit & discuss curated virtual spaces

  • Metaverse tour 2: visit activation examples across industries

  • Homework exercise: Brand goals & metaverse opportunity mapping

3: Your business in the metaverse

  • Supercharging remote teams with immersive collaboration (Zoom)

  • Group exercise: Business in the hotseat - metaverse activation ideas

4: Your brand's virtual headquarters

  • Exercise: Build a metaverse office with no-code tools

  • Build a roadmap of day 1 adoption for employees & customers


What position will I be in after this learning experience?

- You'll have what you need to define the role your brand can play in the metaverse.
- You’ve demystified the complexity and have an initial metaverse strategy
- Your brand has more than grasped the metaverse, you’re thriving.
- You’re testing, learning, adopting with purpose, and prepared to scale accordingly
- You’re benefiting from new ways of working and new revenue streams
- Your remote teams feel more connected to the business than ever

What makes John a qualified Metaverse tour guide?

Does that even exist?
John helps businesses leverage technology and creativity to get unstuck and thrive.
- As a digital innovation expert, he's helped brand race to embrace what's next with purpose
- He's currently advising Fortune 100 brands on web3 & metaverse strategy
- He's experienced in educating & onboarding folks into new spaces having cofounded TheForest -an NFT learning platform for creatives to thrive in web3
- He also co-created and sold a product that helped hotels innovate their guest experience & advance their operational potential

What inspires me to do this?

- I want business leaders to be inspired & empowered to stay ahead of the curve
- I want brand builders to gain the knowledge & tools to take smart steps forward
- I want others to see what I saw when I first felt the potential of the metaverse

My hope for you coming out of this is to:

- Gain the confidence to address real business problems:
- Have what's needed to build a smart metaverse strategy
- Recognize the real business of the virtual world
- Better assess the advancements that are coming, both in work and play
- Blaze ahead of competition & dominate where the future of business is headed

I built my career helping brands stand out in the now.

I'm drawn to helping brands prepare for and play in the future. This initiative is my intentional progress from writing about the metaverse to guiding businesses towards it.

Why this started...

Businesses have 2 choices:

  1. Sit & wait. See if the metaverse hits mainstream, then act.

  2. Be curious. Act Now. Learn, strategize, experiment. Not get left behind

Where do you sit?

Corporate learning packages:

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